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Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger (SNES)

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1000 A.D. (Present)
Camp Site
Choras Inn
Choras Mayor's Manor
Choras Residence
Crono's House
Elder's House
Fiona's Shrine
Forest Ruins
Guardia Castle
Guardia Castle Jail
Guardia Forest
Heckran Cave
Leene Square
Lucca's House
Medina Inn
Medina Market
Medina Residence
Medina Square
Melchior's Hut
Northern Ruins
Porre Inn
Porre Market
Porre Mayor's Manor
Porre Residence
Porre Ticket Office
Snail Stop
Sun Keep
Truce Inn
Truce Market
Truce Mayor's Manor
Truce Residence A
Truce Residence B
Truce Ticket Office
West Cape
Zenan Bridge
12000 B.C. (Dark Ages)
12000 B.C. (Last Village)
12000 B.C. (Zeal)
Blackbird (Flying)
Cave 1
Cave 2
Cave 3
Cave 4
Land Bridge 1
Land Bridge 2
Land Bridge 3
Last Village Hut 1
Last Village Hut 2
Last Village Hut 3
Mountain Of Woe
North Cape
Ocean Palace
Skyway 1
Skyway 2
Skyway 3
Sun Keep
Terra Cave
Zeal Palace
1999 A.D. (Apocalypse)
Flying To Lavos
2300 A.D. (Future)
Arris Dome
Bangor Dome
Death Peak
Geno Dome
Keeper's Dome
Lab 16
Lab 32
Lab 32 Race
Proto Dome
Sewer Access
Sun Keep
Sun Palace
Trann Dome
600 A.D. (Middle Ages)
Choras Cafe
Choras Inn
Choras Market
Choras Residence
Cursed Woods
Denadoro Mts
Dorino Elder's House
Dorino Inn
Dorino Market
Dorino Residence
Fiona's Villa
Giant's Claw
Guardia Castle
Guardia Forest
Magic Cave
Magus's Lair
Northern Ruins
Ozzie's Fort
Porre Cafe
Porre Elder's House
Porre Inn
Porre Market
Sun Keep
Sunken Desert
Tata's House
Truce Canyon
Truce Inn
Truce Market
Truce Residence A
Truce Residence B
Zenan Bridge (Damaged)
Zenan Bridge
65000000 B.C. (Prehistoric)
Chief's Hut
Dactyl Nest
Forest Maze
Hunting Range
Ioka Hut 1
Ioka Hut 2
Ioka Hut 3
Lair Ruins
Laruba Ruins
Meeting Site (Night)
Meeting Site
Mystic Mts
Reptite Lair
Sun Keep
Tyrano Lair
Black Omen
The End Of Time
Ending Flyby (1)
Ending Flyby (2)
Inside Lavos


The Trial
Guardia's Millennial Fair
The Hidden Truth (Looped)
The Fiendlord's Keep
Singing Mountain
Strains of Insanity
Derelict Factory
Fanfare 2
Frog's Theme
First Festival of Stars
Mystery From the Past
Creeping Through the Sewers
Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky
Chrono Trigger (Looped)
Secret of the Forest
Green Memories
Light of Silence
World Revolution
The Last Day of the World
Johnny of the Robo Gang
A Desolate World
Outskirts of Time
The Final Battle
Guardia Castle ~Pride & Glory~
Good Night
Ayla's Theme
Those Without the Will to Live
Yearnings of the Wind
Critical Moment
Gato's Song
Strange Occurrences
Tyran Castle
Jolly Ol' Spekkio
A Premonition
Epilogue ~ To My Dear Friends
The Hidden Truth
Chrono Trigger
Sealed Door
Boss Battle 1
Battle 2
Black Omen
Fanfare 3
The Cathedral
Crono & Marle ~A Distant Promise~
Corridor of Time
Depths of the Night
Creeping Through the Sewers (No Water)
Peaceful Days
Battle 1
Those Without the Will to Live (Variant 1)
Schala's Theme
At the End of Time
Site 16
Burn! Bobonga! Burn!
Those Without the Will to Live (Variant 2)
Robo's Theme
Ocean Palace
Bike Chase
Fanfare 1
A Prayer For the Wayfarer
Primeval Mountain
Lavos's Theme
Zeal Palace
The Epoch ~ Wings of Time
Morning Glow
Lavos's Theme (Intro)
Boss Battle 2
Magus Confronted