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Landstalker: The Treasures Of King Nole

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1st Road
2nd Road
3rd Road
4th Road
5th Road
6th Road
7th Road
Castle Mercator Dungeon & Tower
Destel Well Ancient Cave
Green Maze
Inside Tibor
Jypta Ruins
Kalva Harbor
King Nole's Cave
King Nole's Labyrinth
King Nole's Palace
Lake Shrine
Massan Cave
Mercator Castle
Mercator Island (In-Game Map)
Mercator Island
Mir's Tower
Mountainous Area
Swamp Shrine
Thieves' Hideout
Town Of Kazalt
Town Of Mercator
Town Of Ryuma
Town Of Verla
Verla Mine
Village Of Destel
Village Of Gumi
Village Of Massan
Waterfall Shrine
Witch Helga's Hut